I Am The Jam

Contact me if you like – but if you email me to shout at me I’m going to ignore you.

Jam. Short for Jamilla (pronounced Ja-may-la or Ja-mee-la if you have a Blaccent)

I turned 40 this year and stopped shoulding myself. So that’s been fun.


Wife & mother of two

Midwife, lactation consultant, doula, childbirth educator, lover of all things birth

Vocal follower of Jesus

She/her/hers. I persist and am reclaiming my time.

Writing has always been a thing I do – usually only academically with a few professional pieces written here and there. I find it to be cathartic and since it’s been mostly academic, when I write for blogs I care more about voice than I do grammar. This doesn’t bother me, but if it does you – I apologize for my long sentences and general IDGAFness. This is not my first experience blogging. Over the years, I’ve started and stopped blogging at least four times.  I just can’t seem to stay on topic and as my life evolves, the blog themes don’t make the cut.  So this time, I’m starting out knowing that my topics will vary greatly – involving anything that wakes me up and tumbles around in my head until it spills out for you to read. Might be about my tumultuous relationship with American Christianity, my personal yet hilarious relationship with Jesus, midwifery, my outrage at racism, dominant white culture, patriarchy, homophobia, sexism, or just random thoughts. What keeps me coming back to the idea of writing for public consumption again is how often I hear people sheepishly say “wow…me too” as if they’re embarrassed, ashamed, or nervous to admit that they might not agree with the general consensus on God. So here I am and I hope my rantings entertain, provoke thought, and remind you that God is real and completely adores y’all. ALL of y’all.